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Hey pete:
I just wanted to thank you and the lads again.  I had so many positive remarks ranging from "How did you get Steely Dan to play your wedding?" to How does someone like YOU know a band like THIS.  I hope you guys had a good time.  Thanks for coming out.

Just picked up Parallel Lines CD at Tower in Cherry Hill.***** (Id give it 5 stars)
Great song selection.  Excellent take of my McCartney fave.  Goodbye Pork Round Midnight,Black Orpheus and How Insensitive (all standards in my book) never sounded better!Another 'wonder' full trio nova arrangement of Don't You Worry Bout A Thing.
And the more I hear the TN Originals, the more I like (RealMcCoy, Cross Country among others)Again nice work.  Now I can hear the band in the comfort of my own home without the espresso machine.

I give you an A plus on your new CD.  Well done Pete!
Have a great New Year.

Trio Nova!, 
Hey, I saw you guys play in Collingswood the other day and thought it was great.  My wife had been telling me for a while to check you guys out and I was glad that I did.  I always go to the various Haddon Ave events, and you guys are definitely the best of the bands I've seen out there. (Have you  ever considered calling yourselves  "The Samba Kings of Haddon Avenue" ?)
I'll try to get to a gig soon and say hi. 


Hey Pete,
The album is great!  I denied my brothers by taking it up to school, and I've been listening to it ever since I got up here.  I can't wait to hear you perform now.  I have a couple questions, just out of curiosity: Why did you call the album parallel lines?  And how on earth did you come up with the name Sitting Duck Studios?  Just wondering.
Talk to you later,

I was at the Treehouse the other day and I saw you guys playing,  I really
enjoyed it.  I have been playing guitar for 5 years and as close as I ever
got to that style was some blues riffs,  I really thought you were great and
I just wanted to thank you.  p.s I really enjoyed Welcome Home

HeyPete--I really enjoyed seeing Trio Nova last Saturday.  I have become hooked on your CD.  Great stuff.  My family is getting sick of hearing it.  Tough for them.  I bought one of your CD's for my neighbor.  He and I occasionally exchange music.  He also loves the CD and has made his family sick of it as well

Dear Bill, I have wanted to take a minute to thanks you for weeks now. We
had such a wonderful wedding weekend and it all started with such a special
night on the Battleship.  I can't tell you how happy I was that I thought of
you when I went looking for musicians. I just gave your home phone and web
address to The Kaminskys. They catered our party and have been raving about
your group ever since. So many people told us how much the terrific music
made the night so special, especially my son Tom and his new wife. Our
thanks to you all for the wonderful nights work. We will look forward to
trying to get to see you play again soon.
All the best, Angela

I wasnt into jazz till I heard you guys, the CD is teriffic, it inspires my brain---draws me into the music. you guys are great, all 4 of you.

Two thirds of Trio Nova (the drummer couldn't make it) were playing at the Collingswood (NJ) Farmers Market one summer Saturday this year. I loved the sound, and, when I saw that they had CDs for sale, I bought one. After enjoying it myself, I realized it would be the perfect Christmas present for a friend of mine. Some of their best stuff reminds me of Acoustic Alchemy.


Hi Guys, just wanted to say how great it was to hear you all again.   Been trying for a while to hear you play , and was happy that tonite was the nite.    You Guys are great and I love your music, I dont have a car for if I did I know Id see you more.   Keep the music going, I know its what I live by, and you do entertain everyone who is fortunate enough to see you play.
Sincerely, Ronnie 


hey fellas 
my name is Rado.  I am a local philly musician (guitarist).  I have one of your cards that I picked maybe 5 years ago at a Borders in Springfield, Pa.  but I've never heard you guys.  tonite, I was surfing the net and found you guys at and decided to check it out. 
Wow!!  I am totally blown away.  I just wanted to say that I wish you guys the best and I hope to make it to a show soon. 
keep it up!

Your playing is inspiring.  Im proud to say you were my first guitar teacher (at the tender age of 15).   Trio Nova locks into some serious melodic grooves that commanded my attention after one bar awesome stuff.    
Brian John Simpson

Mike, Pete, Chris,
 Thanks so much for making it a wonderful evening. You guys were great and the response was terrific! I really appreciate you playing and look forward to coming out to hear you at a gig soon. It's been too long.
Thanks again,

  Pete: Thanks again for the amazing job you and Trio Nova did at my wedding reception on June 24 at Tavistock Country Club. The distincitive sound of Trio Nova helped create the perfect atmosphere for our special day. We appreciated Trio Nova's professionalism and musical excellence. Thanks again for the great music and great memories. Rita P., Collingswood, NJ.

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